Why Weight Loss Injections?

weightlossinjectionsWelcome to my Weight Loss Injections website. I'm going to share with you - completely free of charge - a weight loss system that has a high success rate and could be just what you need to get off the weight loss merry-go-round.


Let me jump straight in here - the product I am talking about is called HCG, or to give it its full name: human chorionic gonadotropin. If you have never heard of the name before (and even if you have), continue to read to find the best (in my opinion) resources for this weight loss system.


Most diets do work, but only up to a point. You have seen it yourself many times I suspect, and it’s a well known fact that most weight loss is easily regained.You don’t even have to look at official scientific trials to know that: just look around you and you will see the world is getting fatter.

I must also let you know that if you are a little scared of actually having anything injected into you, you can also take HCG under the tongue (sublingually) - I have seen this method works just as well and just as badly as the weight loss injections do.


The BIG Question


Does hCG work? You will read and hear that the hCG Fat Loss Protocol is a miracle cure. But is it? In my own opinion, I would say, kind of, but not really. If you're anything like me and a lot of other hCG'ers, you will find the first Round relatively easy, and you will lose a lot of weight fairly easily. But subsequent Rounds can be a challenge.


Time For Hope Message Showing Wishing And PrayingI think this is because we think back to our first Round with hCG and remember how easy it was - and then we get a bit cocky with it. I know this is what I did with my Rounds. You will usually find a lot of people have at least one Round they fail on. And, it has nothing to do with hunger - it has everything to do with food cravings! I can understand real hunger on a typical calorie controlled diet.


If you are only eating around 1,200 calories per day, you could well be hungry. But hCG releases thousands of calories per day from your hard to shift fat stores, so, a lack of calories isn't an issue on this Protocol.


It's the cravings that make us fat! And you can and could have those food cravings on hCG! For me, my cravings - on hCG - went from non existent to real cravings. So, what I'm saying is this: you might feel "hungry" on hCG - and in that sense, it isn't a miracle cure at all. It can be really difficult. Sometimes, when you alter the dose of your hCG, your cravings can be corrected. But it can become a bit of a juggling act as to which is working.


Supplements That Help With Food Cravings


CoEnzyme Q-10.




These have definitely helped me. I am also totally against the traditional government food pyramids. All those helpings of grains at the bottom is not the correct way to eat in my opinion. I think carbs make us fat and I think fats and proteins are better for you. You can research this for yourself if you like, but also why not try a little experiment? Eat some carbs - say a bowl of pasta with some bread to mop up the sauce. See how long it takes for you to feel hungry again. Now eat a dinner with protein and fats. Try making a cottage pie (add some olive oil to fry the mince), and replace the traditional potato topping with mashed cauliflower and lots of butter.


Try this for a dessert: mix some ground almonds, almond butter, chopped dates, grade B Maple syrup. coconut flour, shredded coconut and almond extract in a bowl to make a dough.


Melt some cacao butter in a jug over a pan of boiling water until it melts. Add some Maple syrup and some raw cacao powder and mix well. Press the dough into a small loaf tin - pour the chocolate over the top and chill in the fridge.


I find that when I eat like this, I am more satisfied, BUT the carby bread and pasta still has a pull - but thankfully not so much if I take the above supplements.


I really think that anyone who has tried and failed to lose weight, and keep it off, should give hCG a try - and it's likely you will be able to eat more food without piling the weight back on. But the downside (in my experience) is we need to stay away from too many carbohydrates. We cannot stuff ourselves silly and expect to retain our new weight loss.